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Chile, the vanguard of institutional quality in Latin America

In its latest edition, the international studies center highlights the country as the leader in seven of eight variables considered in the ranking, and places Chile 24th among 191 nations, with Denmark at the top.

Monday, August 24, 2009  

The International Studies Center Policy Network highlighted Chile as having the best Institutional Quality Index (ICI) in Latin America, placing it 24th in the ranking among 191 nations.

The survey (in Spanish), created in 2007, was based on national variables such as fiscal accountability, rule of law, competitiveness, freedom of press, corruption and business environment. 

Among the reasons, the center states: “the small size of a country does not allow them to isolate themselves and they are involved in a greater degree of institutional competition. This would explain the success of Chile, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama and the Caribbean countries.

“Chile is ranked first place in Latin America and leads in seven of the eight elements of the ICI, except freedom of press where it was surpassed by Costa Rica”, the report highlighted.

Within the region, straggling slightly behind were Uruguay (60º), Mexico (79º) and Peru (83º). On the other hand, Haiti (164º) and Venezuela (174º) were perceived negatively.

The 2009 ICI was led for a second consecutive year by Denmark, surpassing Switzerland, New Zealand, Finland and Iceland. Turkmenistan, North Korea and Myanmar are placed at the end of the list.