According to a United Nations report:

Chile is among the countries with the highest human development

It is ranked 40 among 177 nations and it is also among the countries with medium incomes.

Monday, August 24, 2009  

Chile is among the countries with the highest human development. In the Human Development index of 2008, completed by the United Nations program for development (PNUD), the country was ranked 40 among 179 nations.

The research study, headed by Iceland and  introduced in December 2008, measures a variety of factors such as life expectancy at birth, the possibility of a long and healthy life, education (literacy rates, primary, secondary and technical school registration), knowledge access and standard of living. In Latin America, Chile is in the second place, after Argentina, in terms of human development.

Furthermore, it was ranked among the countries with the medium incomes, which goes from 871 dollars per capita to 725 dollars.


The research study also considered the environment and the rate of carbon dioxide that the countries produce. Chile was placed 4 among the countries with low emissions of carbon dioxide.

Generally speaking, the study demonstrated that there was progress in terms of global human development during 2006, stimulated by the improvements in economical performance and education, in most countries throughout the world.