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Paid TV

Successful experiences in segmented content and the first appearance of CNN in Latin America: in Santiago on pay TV.

Friday, July 31, 2009  
Fútbol Fútbol (Photo: Chiledeportes)

In the mid-90s, when pay TV was making a subdued entrance into Chilean homes, Edu Comunicaciones (currently TVI S.A.) tried its luck with the youth program Vía X and cultural program ARTV. The channel then incorporated the music programs Zona Latina and Boombox into its scheduling.

These signals are currently fully consolidated and have led to new adventures in unique, independent and segmented production. In fact, one out of every three Chilean households had hired this service in early 2009, while market penetration in some regions is as high as 63.5%.

As a first of its kind experience in the world, Chilean professional soccer was broadcasted by a television company managed by the same soccer teams, Canal del Fútbol (CDF), which can be viewed abroad via the Internet. The channel has 1.5 million subscribers and in mid-2009 transmitted a soccer game between the national selections of Easter Island and Antarctica. Another exclusive sports broadcaster, but which does not include soccer is Vive! Deportes.

CNN Chile started its first 24-hour broadcasts in late 2008. This is the first subsidiary fully installed in Latin America for the US chain with its main office in Atlanta, after setting up operations in Japan, Spain, India and Turkey. The TV station has its own human and technical resources for the transmission of fresh content 365 days per year.