Why Chile?

Chile offers a unique life experience. In addition to its modernity and tradition, its inhabitants have a range of possibilities open to them. Its special geography allows you to go from the mountains to the sea in a matter of hours; viewing a volcano, a geyser or a glacier.

Cities like Santiago, Valparaíso and Concepción also offer nightlife, gastronomy and an intense cultural life.

Friday, July 31, 2009  
Vivir en Chile

Discovering the new world, forging your own, or beginning again. There are infinite possibilities. Chile is like that.

To live in Chile means sharing a tradition and a culture forged from its origins with participation by immigrant communities. In the end, tolerance and integration always prevailed. The country has received immigrants from other latitudes since the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century.

With varying intensities, you can feel the mark of Croatians, Germans, Koreans, Palestinians, Italians, Chinese, Peruvians, Lebanese, Argentines, the French, people from the United States, Venezuelans and many others. No other South American country is currently receiving immigrants and former visitors in the way that Chile is.

Modernity and tradition intertwine and coexist in a country that has high levels of connectivity and communicates technologically with the rest of the world; that fosters its own political and economic stability while achieving outstanding levels of education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurialism. The country offers the conditions to settle down with calm; a democratic system that respects and enforces respect for people’s rights, no matter their condition, in addition to having modern networks of security, health, education, transport, tourism, and business services.

There are multiple possibilities for recreation, with diverse geographic and tourist attractions. There is no lack of fun, entertainment and chances for consumption in active shopping centers. Because of the unique geography, travelers can go from the mountains to the sea in a couple of hours, or else from a salt flat to a glacier. You can go mountain climbing, trekking, fishing, horseback riding and surfing; visit the world biosphere reserves and the vestiges of peoples who inhabited the territory thousands of years ago.

Chile is connected with the entire world, despite its insular geography. It has the largest number of cellular telephones per capita in Latin America and one of the highest rates of Internet use. Over half of the population uses it and practically all of the foreign visitors use these technologies. Now, as before, there are more than enough reasons for foreigners to continue preferring Chile as their destination.

This preference is reflected in diverse international rankings that rank Chile as one of the best places in Latin America to live. Santiago is the second best city to live in Latin America, according to a recent list prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which considers at 140 cities.