What articles can be brought into the country without having to pay customs duties or taxes?

Saturday, August 01, 2009  

You may bring in personal luggage and items purchased from Duty Free stores for up to US$500. You may also bring in temporarily, alter declaring them in Customs, items such as cameras and camera accessories, film cameras or film projectors and slides, portable typewriters or computer notebooks, record players and records, recorders and cassettes, portable radios, field glasses, sports items in general, camping equipment and other personal effects, as long as they are the type of things normally carried by tourists for personal use and they take them along upon leaving the country. 

A vehicle may temporary be brought in for a period of 90 days, counted from the tourist’s arrival date. A Temporary Admission procedure should be carried out.

The tourist may clear the above items into the country through Customs, without need of a Customs Agent’s services, any other kind of authorization.