What is the capital of Chile? What kind of State and Government does Chile have?

Saturday, August 01, 2009  

The capital city is Santiago, located in the country’s central zone, where the Presidency and the Judiciary are officially seated. The Legislature is based in Valparaiso, the country’s premier  port city, 119 kms west of Santiago. The State is organized in 15 Regions, each subdivided into Provinces, which in turn are divided into Municipalities or Comunas. The system of Regional, Provincial and Municipal government and administration is hierarchically structured as follows:  the Intendente Regional (Regional Intendant); the Gobernador Provincial (Provincial Governor), representing the regional authority); and the Alcalde (Mayor), in charge of the municipal government.

The President of the Republic is Ms. Michelle Bachelet Jeria, the first woman in Chile’s history to be elected to the presidency.