Requirements for studying in Chile

What requirements do I have to meet to study in Chile?

Sunday, August 02, 2009  
Trámites (Photo: Universidad Católica)

First: Being accepted by a university. Every institution establishes its own selection processes. For additional information, see our educational establishment directory.

Second: Request a student visa. Visit the Chilean Consulate in your country.

Documentation for requesting a visa includes the following:

1. A letter of acceptance from the university in Chile

2. Accreditation of funds for your stay in Chile (scholarship, parents' sworn declaration to cover your study expenses, etc.)

3. Photocopy of your family record book.

4. Police record certificate.
5. Medical certificate.
6. Medical insurance (with repatriation coverage).
7. Passport valid for two years.
8. Three photos (driver's license size)
9. Visa fee payment.

Note: It will take you approximately 30 days to get a visa, and you will be able to qualify for residence for as long as you will be studying in Chile. Don't forget that you can renew this visa once a year.

Third: Legalize your stay in Chile. You have 30 days starting from the day you arrive in Chile to get your visa stamped at the Foreign Legalization Service and International Police:

Address: Av. Borgoño 1052, downtown Santiago
Reference: Av. Independencia (first block to the left)
Phone: 737-1292 - 565-7863
Transaction: Getting visa stamped
Cost in Chilean pesos: CLP 1,000 (payment in cash only)

Documents to be presented: Passport, visa and the form you were given upon entering the country, stamped by International Police at the airport.
You will be subsequently required to present this certificate at the Civil Registrar and Identification Service in order to request an identity card. You can get this done at:

Address: Huérfanos 1570, downtown Santiago.
Opening Hours: 8.30 AM to 2:00 PM.
Phone: 782-2000

The Civil Registrar and Identification Service (in Spanish) requires the following:
*Original passport and photocopy of the same.
*Original copy and photocopy of your International Police Registration Certificate.
*CLP 3,500 (cash) for identity card fees.