Requirements for studying in Chile

How can I validate my elementary and high school grades?

Sunday, August 02, 2009  
Convalidación primaria (Photo: Universidad Católica)

Studies are validated as courses completed abroad, by Chileans or foreigners entering or returning to the country, in conformity with the provisions of treaties or agreements signed by Chile and current special legislation.

This procedure is completed in two stages:

1.- In the country of origin:

1.1 Legalizing the student's study certificates at the Ministry of Education in the country where these studies were completed (or by the corresponding authority).

1.2 Legalizing the study certificates at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or by the corresponding authority).

1.3 Legalizing the study certificates at the Chilean Consulate of the corresponding country.

2.-  In Chile:
2.1 Legalizing these documents at the Department of Legalizations at the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Agustinas 1320, Santiago (9:00 AM to 2:00 PM).  
2.2 Presenting this documentation (previously legalized) at the Ministry of Education Unit of Examinations and Private Schools, Fray Camilo Henríquez Nº 262, Santiago (9:00 AM to 2:00 PM), in order to request the validation of studies completed. A fee of 0.15 UTM will be charged and the following documentation will be required:
- Birth certificate in the case of minors;
- Original copy of the study certificate for the last grade completed abroad; 
- Certificate of the last grade completed in Chile, if required, and
- Applicant's identity card or passport, father's, mother's or guardian's identity card or passport in the case of minors.

If you are in a region of Chile, you will be required to present these documents at the nearest Provincial Education Department or at the Regional Ministerial Secretariat of Education, which in turn will remit all documentation to Santiago. 
- Within a maximum term of three months, the Department of Examinations will issue a certificate validating these studies that will allow the student to complete the application process in Chile.