How can I validate a university degree?

Sunday, August 02, 2009  

The following steps must be completed in order to validate or revalidate professional or university degrees:

First: Legalize all documentation required by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the country of origin (or with the competent authorities), at the Chilean Consulate of that country and at the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Legalizations.
Address: Agustinas 1320, Santiago (9:00 AM to 2:00 PM). 

Second: Present legalized documents at the Universidad de Chile Pro-Rectorate Office of Records. You will be required to present the following documentation:
    - Original copy and photocopy of your degree (legalized)
    - Original copy and photocopy of your grade transcripts (legalized)
    - Original copy and photocopy of the university curriculum (legalized)
    - Original copy and/or photocopies of the university curriculum
    - Your resume
    - Practice licensing declaration for the applicant in the country which provided the degree, stamped by the respective consulate if considered necessary
    - Application form
    - Other documentation required by Universidad de Chile if necessary
Address: Alameda 1058, Of. 120 
     - Anyone wishing to continue university studies with incomplete undergraduate studies abroad, should apply at the university where they wish to continue their studies and complete the corresponding requirements.