La Sebastiana House-Museum

mapa-museo-la sebastiana

Pablo Neruda held a big party in 1961 to inaugurate his Valparaiso residence, from which one can see the bay and the port’s hills through circular windows that emulate the portholes of ships. Its four floors hold a fascinating collection of the poet, including mosaics and unique decoration, but above all they reveal Neruda’s love of the sea. The house’s name is an act of homage by the Nobel Prize laureate for his friend and architect Sebastián Collados, who designed it.

Address: Ferrari 692, Valparaiso
Telephone numbers: (32) 2256606 – (32) 2233759
Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:10 to 18:00
Web: Museo.
Photo: courtesy of Fundación Neruda.

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