US-Chile trade ties continue to grow

Leading US politicians visited the Chilean capital to talk business, trade and human rights this mon

A visit from a group of US politicians reinforces the strong links between the countries that continues to bring success in trade, human rights, and more.

Chile welcomes innovators to International Air and Space Fair

Jetman, the first daring pilot to fly solo on a self-designed contraption and of the star guests at

The latest technology and advances in flight were on display at this year’s massive aeronautical event.

Chile in numbers


Investment Opportunities

Emerging Industries Natural stones, premium white wines, and creative industries are some of the areas being projected.
Manufacturing & Assembly of Components & Parts Chile provides many opportunities for foreign companies hoping to establish manufacturing and assembly plants within the country.
Biotechnology Through a powerful series of initiatives, Chile seeks to develop a world-class biotechnology sector.
Mining Sector Progressive legislation and a healthy investment environment have made Chile the mining capital of Latin America.
Food Industry Chile is one the world's 5 Mediterranean climate macro-zones, offering excellent off-season production opportunities.
Offshoring The growth of offshoring in the past 10 years has given this industry a positive outlook.