Winemaker shares why Chilean Pinot should be your new top wine

Pinot Noir is thriving in Chile. Photo by Wines of Chile / Facebook

Maycas del Limarí’s Marcelo Papa told The Drinks Business the secrets behind his wine and why Chile is the perfect place for the grape to thrive.


Festigame brings a playable look at top video games to Chile

Attendees fill Estación Mapocho on the final day of Festigame 2013. Photo by Jay Balagna / This is C

From costume contests to sneak peeks at the new Playstation 4 and FIFA 14, the gaming festival had something for each one of its more than 40,000 attendees.


Chilean toys to take over Parque Forestal

Chilean toy collection finds new home in iconic downtown Santiago park. Photo via Museo del Juguete

A new exhibition charting the craftsmanship and design of Chilean toys will take up residence in a historic downtown Santiago park.

Daily life

Santiago to host Homeless World Cup 2014

Chile will be hoping to claim the coveted Homeless World Cup trophy for a second time, on home soil

This year Chile are among the favorites to claim trophy for a second time as the country’s homeless are given chance through soccer.


Chile makes way for alternative ideas in Science Education

Antofagasta: the new face on the international science scene. Photo by Wikipedia

Following on from its success in Valparaiso, progressive NGO places the world of scientific discovery at the feet of the local community in Antofagasta.


Chile inaugurates huge marine reserves

Chile’s new Tic Toc Marine Reserve will protect blue whales and other sea life. Photo via @yobranjud

New spaces will preserve vast tracts of land for wildlife and scientific research, prohibiting harmful industry throughout.


Santiago’s house of art

Santiago’s Bellas Artes Museum, another iconic city structure built by architect Emilio Jecquier.

The historic Puyó House in Bellas Artes was once one of the most important artistic centers in the Chilean capital. 

National parks

Climbing Cerro Provincia, a day-trip from Chile’s capital

The Sierra de Ramón mountain range looms large over Santiago (alobos / Flickr).

The high-rise skyline of Santiago is dominated by the Andes, with unparalleled opportunities for quiet getaways, world-class skiing and weekend adventures.


“Chile is a great place to live”

This businessman had heard great things about the country and decided to visit Chile as a backpacker. 


Mi mejor enemigo

Mi mejor enemigo es una película chilena-argentina-española estrenada en junio de 2005. Dirigida por Alex Bowen, cuenta con las actuaciones de ...


Teleradio Donoso

Por su efectivo sonido y bien acabadas canciones, hacia 2006 Teleradio Donoso se convirtió en una de las más comentadas bandas ...

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