Spaces for People and Nature

Emilo Duhart

An architect for the world, who designed by listening to the landscape and the culture.

Sunday, August 23, 2009  
Emilio Duhart Montealegre Klenner, Alberto. Emilio Duhart Arquitecto. Santiago: Ediciones ARQ, 1994. (Photo:Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile)

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Emilio Duhart Harosteguy was born in 1917 in Temuco, in the Araucanian Region, but grew up in France, where he completed his elementary and high school studies. On his return to Chile in 1935 he was admitted to the University of Chile’s School of Architecture.

In his architectural work he considered the roots of the landscape and Chilean geography, and the use of technologies and materials that are indigenous to Chilean culture. He applied these in his rural housing projects for the reconstruction of Chillán following the 1939 earthquake. The United Nations building (ECLAC) is among the works he built in Santiago. He also designed the University of Concepción campus.

During his stay in Paris he had the opportunity of working with Le Corbusier on projects for India. Sharing his knowledge, he also devoted himself to teaching in Chile as well as in France. 

Duhart received various distinctions in the course of his career, including important scholarships of higher studies in the U.S. and France, and the National Award for Architecture from the Chilean Government (1977). Emilio Duhart died in Ustaritz, France, in 2006.