Chileans are happier than they were four years ago

The factors that have the greatest influence on the level of satisfaction are physical and mental health, followed by the economic situation, physical appearance, and family relations.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009  

Chileans are increasingly satisfied with their lives. At least, this is what is revealed in a survey by Collect GfK, which states that 60% of Chilean residents acknowledge that they feel happy. Four years ago, that number was 54%.


According to the report, to a great degree this is due to the country’s positive economic performance in a crisis that had promised to have a greater impact on people’s lives. “When the crisis erupted there were very negative expectations and people were very alarmed about what was to come. However, while the majority of Chileans were affected by the storm, it hit less severely than expected,” said Max Purcell, general manager of Collect.


The survey, which polled 1,280 Chileans between the ages of 15 and 75 in nine of the country’s regions, also determined that the level of happiness varies according to the socioeconomic group and also geographic location. According to Collect, in the highest income group, ABC1, 81% say that they are happy, while the lowest percentage is in the D group, with a mere 56%.


As far as geographic location is concerned, the people in the country’s north are the ones who say that they are happiest: 68%. Meanwhile it is 60% in the south and 64% in the Metropolitan Region. The report also determined that the main factors influencing personal satisfaction are physical and mental health, followed by the economic situation, physical appearance and family relations.


In addition, half of those polled (53%) say that they are relaxed people, while just over a quarter are stressed (26%) and 22% say that they are neither stressed nor relaxed.