World-class shows

Concert guide for 2010

When it comes to music, everything will be happening. The bands and artists who have already confirmed that they will play in Chile guarantee diversity and talent. There will be a bit of everything and for all tastes.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010  

First there was Metallica, the great US metal band that thrilled over 50,000 people in Santiago’s Club Hípico. Then Beyoncé with her Rhythm and Blues style mixed with hip-hop came, partying together with the massive crowd at the Movistar Arena on 14 February, Valentine’s Day.


Over first few months of the year the capital has become the preferred scenario for world-class bands and artists with consolidated track records and who have played international festivals. However, and notwithstanding the high standard set so far, the outlook continues to be promising and offers plenty of chances for those who were unable to attend the previous concerts to make up for it. Where and when? We tell you below:



Vince Neil
In his brief tour of South America, the charismatic singer of Mötley Crüe will visit Chile on 24 February, when he will perform at the Teatro Caupolicán.


The show, which will only include songs by the Californian band, will also include performances by two local groups that will open the show: Devil Presley and Garden Bitch. Tickets cost 15,000 Chilean pesos (US$ 28).


BB King

One of the most important international blues figures is scheduled to play on 27 March as part of his “One More Time” tour and it will probably be the last chance to see this renowned 84-year-old artist in the country.


The show will be held in the Teatro Caupolicán and tickets range in price from 30,000 Chilean pesos, equivalent to US$ 61, to 162,000 Chilean pesos (US$ 310).


Dream Theater

This famous progressive metal band from the United States will arrive in Chile in March to perform at the Movistar Arena on the 11th.


In its third visit to the country, the band will be playing a selection from its long and successful musical career, though with an emphasis on their latest record, “Black Clouds & Silver Linings.”


If you want to see these giants of heavy metal, you can buy tickets through the Ticketmaster system for a single price of 24,000 Chilean pesos (US$ 45).



The trio led by Brian Molko wants to repeat its excellent and successful show in 2005, when they played in Chile for the first time.


The concert will be held in the Movistar Arena on 8 April, a smaller venue than where they held their second show in 2007, the San Carlos de Apoquindo stadium, when they did not attract as many Britpop fans.


The show will feature the band’s new guitarist, Steve Forrest, who replaced Steve Hewitt. The price of tickets has not yet been revealed, though the organizers are expected to do so soon so people can go see the British band.


Guns ’n Roses

After 18 years the followers of the band led by Axl Rose, described as one of the 100 best vocalists of all time by specialized magazines, can see them in Chile again with a show that is more loaded than ever.


At first it was thought that the National Stadium would be reopened with the band, but the remodeling work on the sports facility will not be complete until March, which is why Club Hípico was chosen for the seven-member band to play. The event is part of their “Chinese Democracy” world tour.


Tickets to the show on 22 March have been on sale since 3 February and cost 45,000 Chilean pesos for the grandstands and 23,000 Chilean pesos for general admittance (US$ 43).


Emir Kusturica

The renowned Serbian musician and film director will play with his No Smoking Orchestra on 20 February to give life to one of the most colorful and attractive events of the year: The Gypsy Celebration.


The event will be held in the Viña del Mar Sporting Club and tickets will be sold through the Ticketmaster system and at the box office of the Teatro Oriente in Santiago. Prices range between 22,000 Chilean pesos on the day of the concert (US$ 41), 20,000 Chilean pesos in advance (US$ 37), and 18,000 Chilean pesos (US$ 33) for the first 2,000 advance tickets sold.


Franz Ferdinand

The Scottish band will arrive in Chile on 13 March as part of a tour of South America that also includes visits to Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.


The band returns to the country after its successful presentation in 2006, when they opened for the Irish group U2 and later put on a solid performance at the Viña del Mar Festival.


This time the concert will be held in the Movistar Arena, the place the musicians chose to present their loyal fans with “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand,” their latest record. Tickets range between 16,500 Chilean pesos (US$ 30) to 38,500 Chilean pesos (US$ 72).
Ricardo Arjona

The Guatemalan musician will play at the Quinta Vergara for his fifth time, precisely on the fifth night of the Viña del Mar International Music Festival, or 26 February, to play his latest work, which is coincidentally called “Fifth Floor” (Quinto Piso).


With this performance, Arjona ties Juan Gabriel and Julio Iglesias as the artists to have performed the most times at the event in the “garden city,” as Viña del Mar is known. The show will also feature works from the artist’s long career.


Ticket prices range from 12,500 Chilean pesos (around US$ 23) to 88,000 Chilean pesos (around US$ 164).



The Spanish singer will arrive in Chile in February to hold a series of shows throughout the country, capping them with the Viña del Mar International Music Festival on 24 February. He will also put on another two shows at the local casino on 26 and 27 February.


He will then travel to Talca to give a concert at the Teatro Regional del Maule on 1 March. Two days later he will be in Concepción to sing at the Suractivo hall and he will play in Temuco on the fifth.


The artist’s busy agenda will end on 6 March in Punta Arenas.


Alejandro Sanz

After three years of absence, the Spanish musician returns to the country to present Paraíso Express, his 11th record.


Tickets to the show, which is expected to last around two hours and will be held in the Movistar Arena, are already on sale through the Ticketmaster system, Falabella department stores and at Hoyts cinemas.


Tickets to see the show on 17 March range from 120,000 Chilean pesos for the most expensive ones to 18,000 Chilean pesos for the cheapest, or between US$ 224 and US$ 33, respectively.


Possible events

In addition, negotiations are underway with Rage Against the Machine, the mythical US funk metal band known for songs like Killing in the Name, Bombtrack, and Wake Up. The tentative date is April of this year.


Another big name that there have been rumors about is the Irish band U2. Though nothing has been confirmed, there is word that they would come in October this year as part of their “No Line on the Horizon” world tour. The National Stadium will be completely renovated by that time and outfitted with modern facilities, which is why 75,000 people are expected to attend the concert.