Universidad de Talca

: 2 Norte 685. Talca. Chile
Phone: + 56 71 201 584
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Contact: Prof. Andrew Philominraj
Position: Director - International Relations
E-mail: andrew@utalca.cl - rrii@utalca.cl
Phone: + 56 71 201 584

Website: www.utalca.cl

Wednesday, August 11, 2010  

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Founded in 1981, the Universidad de Talca has always considered the challenges of an educational project based on solid foundations and the highest academic, scientific and technological standards with an international outlook, key aspects in the formation of true leaders. Considered one of the best universities of the country by Américaeconomía, this Corporation has become a referent in higher education.

89% its academic body has postgraduate studies and medical specializations and 16% are foreign. Accredited by the National Commission of Accreditation (CNAP) and certified by the European University Association, Universidad de Talca has consolidated as a prestigious university whose mission is to contribute to the training of students within a framework of humanistic values, based on excellence in the cultivation of science, fine arts and technological innovation.

Academic programs

The Universidad de Talca is a public higher education institution which currently houses 7,001 students in 26 undergraduate careers; in addition to 5 Ph.D. programs, 24 Masters Programs and 4 Specializations. The service focuses on four vital concerns in the training of professionals as an active part of the new knowledge society. Information resources: Constant updating of information resources in terms of quantity, quality and availability, in response to the needs of students, study programs, curricular development and up-to-date technology. Self-teaching: Support in the development of skills for the assessment and use of information resources, forming independent students in search of knowledge. Exploration and application of state-of-the-art technology in the learning process: mechanisms to enable students to acquire knowledge in an efficient and enjoyable way. Cultural Outlets: Constant update of content including Philosophy, Literature, Theatre, Politics, etc.