Universidad Católica del Maule

: Avenida San Miguel 3605, Talca (Maule Region)
Phone: 56 71 203153
Fax: 56 71 413 653
Contact: Juan Pablo Vildósola
Position: In charge of the Office of International Relations
Email: jvildosola@ucm.cl
Phone: 56 71 203153

Website: www.ucm.cl

Wednesday, August 11, 2010  

The Universidad Católica del Maule (UCM) is an autonomous institution of higher learning, founded by the Bishop of the Diocese of Talca, Carlos González Cruchaga, on 10 July 1991, as a regional successor of the regional campus Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

As an institution of the Diocesan Church, it is defined as "a Center for reflection and diffusion, in the light of the Catholic faith, that seeks the meaning of science and technology to put them at the service of the integral development of the human person".

Its main features include the University community’s efforts  to create  a space in the Maule Region for training professionals, imbued with an authentic Christian spirit at the service of society; a  community that is being created through dialogue; concern for the region’s  culture and its development; and accountability and efficiency in the management of human resources and materials.

Academic programs

The UCM consists of seven faculties: Health Sciences; Education Sciences; Engineering Science; Agrarian and Forestry Sciences; Religious and Philosophical Sciences; Medicine and Basic Sciences.

Their careers are Medicine; Nursing; Kinesiology; Psychology; Pre-school Education; Special Education Pedagogy; Physical Education Pedagogy; General Primary Pedagogy; General Primary School with Specialization; English Pedagogy, Civil Information Technology Engineering; Construction Engineering; Administration and Auditing; Forestry Engineering; Agronomy; Pedagogy in Religion and Philosophy; Pedagogy in Science and Pedagogy in Mathematics and Computing.