Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Address: Avenida Brasil 2950, Valparaíso
Phone: + 56 32 227 30 00
Fax: + 56 32 227 3183
Contact: Marcos Avilez
Position: Director of International Programs
E-mail: piie@ucv.cl
Phone: + 56 32 227 3256

Website: www.pucv.cl 

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The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso (PUCV) opened in 1920 and is located in one of the country’s greatest cultural potential cities, which was also  declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It is divided into nine venues, hosting more than 50 undergraduate careers, 10 doctorate plans and 30 Master’s programs. Its student body accounts for over 14 thousand people in careers spread out in 35 institutes and schools.

PUCV receives foreign students since 1998 and has numerous agreements in place with universities in 35 countries, under which it currently receives approximately 900 foreign students. It also belongs to the student mobility network, ISEP. Among other alternatives, it offers bilingual courses, Spanish intensive programs and studies on Latin America, as well as benefits such as free medical care and access to volunteer jobs.

Academic programs

Faculty of Agronomy: Agronomy. Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism: Architecture; Graphic Design; Industrial Design, Bachelor’s Degree in Art. Faculty Of: Bachelor of Science; Biochemistry; Bachelor’s Degree in Physics; Industrial Chemistry; Optical; Pedagogy in: Biology and Natural Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Natural Science, Kinesiology. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences: Counter Auditor, Sales Engineering, Journalism, Social Work. Faculty of Law: Law. Faculty of Philosophy and Education: Education in: Spanish and Communication, English, Music, History, Geography and Social Sciences, General Primary Education, Preschool Education, Differential Education,  Physics, Philosophy; Interpretation English/Spanish English Spanish Translation ; Musical Interpreter; Bachelor’s Degree in History Specialized in Political Science; Psychology; Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy. Faculty of Engineering: Civil Engineering; Civil Engineering Biochemistry Electrical Civil Engineering; Electronic Civil Engineering; Chemical Civil Engineering; Extraction Metallurgical Civil Engineering; Electrical Transport Engineering;  Electronics Engineering; Construction Engineering; Bioprocesses Engineering; Industrial Civil Engineering; Civil Engineering in Computing;  Computer Science Implementation Engineering;  Mechanical Civil Engineering; Engineering Mechanics. Faculty of Natural Resources: Fisheries Engineering, Aquaculture Engineering; Oceanography, Geography, Engineering in Food. Institute of Religious Sciences Ad Call Facultatis: Baccalaureate and Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Sciences, Religious and Moral Education.