Universidad Mayor

Address: Américo Vespucio Sur 357, Las Condes
Phone: 3281000
Contact: René Lara
Position: Director of International Relations
E-mail: rene.lara@umayor.cl
Phone: (56 2) 3281125

Website: www.umayor.cl

Thursday, August 12, 2010 Category: Education

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The Universidad Mayor is an institution of higher, teaching-oriented, open and independent education committed to training professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as the development, preservation and dissemination of higher learning, aimed at the benefit of people, while contributing to the progress of the nation. In its 21 years of existence, it has 11,000 graduates and over 13,000 enrolled students, in addition to the postgraduate studies in a total of 33 Master’s programs 7 MBAs and 11 specialties. It is the first Latin American university to obtain the status of "Candidate for Accreditation by MSCHE", renowned in the United States in the field of higher education accreditation. It is also  accredited by the CNA.

Academic programs

The Universidad Mayor has 2 campuses: Santiago and Temuco which provide everything you need to learn: 125 laboratories, 8 libraries, 6 auditoriums, a theatre, 2 exhibition halls, various specialized rooms, 10 cafeterias  and 13 sports fields, including a stadium, among other facilities. It imparts careers in areas of knowledge such as: Business, Design, Education, Human Health (Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Biotechnology, Psychology, etc.), Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine, Forestry Engineering, Architecture, Communications, Arts (Theatre, Visual Arts, and Dance), Law and Engineering.