Universidad Andrés Bello

Address: Republica 239, Santiago
Phone: 56-02-6618000
Contact: Francisco Santelices
Position: Director General for International Relations
Phone: 56-02-6615857

Website: www.unab.cl

Thursday, August 12, 2010 Category: Education

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Universidad Andres Bello was instituted in October 1988, as a contribution to the challenge of higher education and with the fundamental purpose to fulfill a role of deep social content: To contribute to the country’s effort to provide equal opportunities in access to higher education to high school graduates and to University degrees and qualifications, enabling them to make progress and prosper.

Since 2000 onwards, Universidad Andrés Bello has become the country’s main private university. It is the one with the greatest achievements in the field of research (only accredited private university in this area); the university with most undergraduate students, and has the most comprehensive infrastructure for teaching, research and extension. Its activities take place on seven campuses in Santiago (3), in Viña del Mar (3) and  Concepción (1).

Academic programs

The University offers a complete range of academic programs divided in the following faculties: Architecture, Art and  Design; Rehabilitation Sciences, including Phono Audiology and Physical Therapy, among others; Biological Sciences; Social Sciences, Psychology, Sociology and  Social Work; Communications, Journalism, Advertising and  Performing Arts; Law; Environment and  Natural Resources, including Marine Biology, Ecotourism and  Veterinary Medicine, among others; Economics and  Business, including Commercial Engineering, Management Engineering and  Engineering in Tourism and  Hospitality, among others; Nursing; Humanities and  Education Covering General Primary Education, Physical Education, Musical  Education and  Education in English, among others; Engineering; Maritime Services, including Merchant Marine Engineering and  Maritime Transport Engineering; Medicine, including Medicine, Chemistry and  Pharmacy, Nutrition and  Diet, and  Medical Technology; and  the Faculty of Dentistry.