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Cooperation and Exchange Department

Contact: Isabel Donoso
e-mail: idonoso@uahurtado.cl
Contact: Constanza Bauer
e-mail: cbauer@uahurtado.cl
Telephone: (562) 692 0414
Address: Almirante Barroso 10, Santiago

Spanish for Foreigners Program
Contact: Claudia Darrigrandi
e-mail: cdarrigr@uahurtado.cl
Website: http://filosofiahumanidades.uahurtado.cl

Thursday, November 11, 2010  

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In a context marked by vast socio-cultural transformations, the Universidad Alberto Hurtado was created in 1997 by the Society of Jesus, a Catholic (Jesuit) religious order with almost 500 years’ tradition in education and more than 200 higher education institutions all over the world.

The development of cooperation and academic exchange agreements with universities and other higher education institutions has been an integral part of the university’s strategic guidelines. As of 2010, it has 63 academic cooperation agreements in place with 36 Latin American universities, 13 in the United States, six in Europe and eight in Chile.

Exchange program

This program is directed at foreign university students interested in the social and cultural reality of Latin America who wish to progress in their own field of study by immersing themselves fully in university life with Chilean students, taking courses offered at a pre-graduate level by various faculties.

In collaboration with the different faculties and schools of the Universidad Alberto Hurtado (UAH), special programs are drawn up in Spanish or English for foreign universities and institutions, as well as intensive Language, Culture and Social Insertion programs. The latter are interdisciplinary in nature and place the learning of Spanish as a second language and the study of Spanish American culture within a framework that integrates the students into the reality of Latin America.

The Department of Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the UAH offers special Spanish programs focused on the areas of Latin American language, literature and culture for foreign students. Two types of programs are offered: an intensive course that is provided twice a year and another, directed at groups of university students, which is developed by prior agreement between the foreign university and the Department of Language and Literature of the Universidad Alberto Hurtado.

Graduate programs

Through its faculties of Social Sciences, Economics and Business, Law, Philosophy and Humanities, Psychology and Education, the UAH offers various diploma courses, masters and doctoral programs, as well as further study opportunities for professionals.