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Chile may be in good position to join G-20, says OECD leader

Secretary General praises Chile’s “extraordinary economic and social transformation” and says the OECD will support the nation’s pursuit of G-20 membership.

Thursday, April 14, 2011  
Chile’s “impressive economic and political development” . Chile’s “impressive economic and political development” .

Chile’s “impressive economic and political development” in recent years may pave the way for the country to join G-20, according to the Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


Chile is a young and dynamic country, with very useful experiences and fascinating policy approaches,” said Secretary General Angel Gurría during his visit to Santiago on April 4 and 5. 
It was Gurría’s first official visit to Chile since the country joined the OECD last year, the first time a South American country had been accepted into the organization of the world’s wealthiest nations.


Gurría said Chile’s membership in the OECD is "a testimony to the extraordinary economic and social transformation that this country has experienced in the last two decades.”

 "Chile has understood the potential since the beginning of the membership process,” Gurría said during comments to the Chilean Parliament. "The OECD could be used by Chile as a trampoline to get into the G-20."


The G-20 is the leading economic council of wealthy nations, and currently includes the Latin American countries of Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. Unlike the OECD, membership in the G-20 is based only partly on economic wealth, in addition to a country’s regional influence and population. 
During his visit to Santiago, the OECD secretary general unveiled a new publication on the Chilean economy, “Maintaining Momentum: OECD Perspectives on Policy Challenges in Chile.” In his presentation, Gurría said the current government’s goals to achieve 6 percent economic growth each year, eradicate poverty, and reach income levels of a developed country by 2018 “constitute the route of an ideal flight.”
The OECD will offer all its support to Chile during their mission to achieve such ambitious goals,” Gurría said, and added that the OECD has catalyzed important reforms for its member countries in issues such as education and transparency