The future of stadiums

Santiago plans underground stadium for sports and culture events

How to build a stadium for 5,000 people without the eyesore of a giant concrete structure? Dig deep, says the mayor of Las Condes in Santiago.

Monday, April 25, 2011  
Children’s park Kidzania, built underneath the Parque Araucano mall. Children’s park Kidzania, built underneath the Parque Araucano mall.

Underground construction is becoming the hallmark of Las Condes, the wealthy Santiago neighborhood in the northeast of the city. First, with the Teatro Municipal, the underground municipal theater inaugurated last year, and then with the children’s park Kidzania, built underneath the Parque Araucano mall.
This time, Mayor Francisco De la Maza is planning a big underground arena under the Parque Intercomunal on Avenida Francisco Bilbao, designed for cultural events and sports competitions and with a planned capacity of 5,000 people.
“There are massive activities that require a lot of space: a music concert or a big theater work,” the mayor said. “The idea is to have a place to host them that doesn’t have negative external effects on the neighbors and the environment, such as noise and changes to the landscape.”
The proposed structure will be 25 meters, or 82 feet, below the park’s lake, which “will act like a mirror of water to filter noise,” said De la Maza. The 25,000 square meters will include fields and courts for soccer, tennis, basketball and volleyball, as well as a medialuna for Chile’s national sport, the rodeo.


The mayor hopes the structure will be considered for the seat of the 2014 Odesur games, which will be held in Chile that year.
Construction is slated for the end of next year. During the 12 to 14 months of construction, Parque Intercomunal will not be affected, although the lake will be closed.