Through a powerful series of initiatives, Chile seeks to develop a world-class biotechnology sector.

Friday, June 03, 2011  

Chile has taken significant steps to incorporate biotechnology into its economy. Through a powerful series of initiatives, including a new regulatory framework and economic incentives, Chile seeks to develop a world-class biotechnology sector.

Biotech in Chile already embraces a range of sectors related with natural resources, including agriculture, livestock, human health, forensic science, fishery, forestry and industrial biotechnology. Chile also encourages foreign R&D investment and is actively working on promoting clinical investigation.

Our industry in numbers

- Emerging industry with high growth potential: 75% of Chilean exports are natural resources and their derivatives.
- There are over 200 entities dedicated to the development of biotechnology in all its sub-sectors (according to the 2011 census).
- Sales: USD 100MM in 2009.
- The InvestChile Biotechnology Program materialized projects for the sum of USD 37MM, creating 472 new jobs.
- World-class companies present in Chile: Pfizer (pharmaceutical laboratory), BASF*, DuPont, Danisco, Pioneer*, Bayer*, Syngenta*, Roche.
- Prominent Chilean companies: BioSigma, BioSonda, Bio Architecture Lab, Diagnotec, Crystal Lagoons, Savia Grapes.

* Companies supported by InvestChile

Our advantages

- Opportunities in all clusters related with natural resources
- An emerging location for clinical trials
- Reliable, competitive and highly skilled researchers
- A transparent regulatory environment which protects intellectual property rights
- Multiple world-class Technology Transfer Centres