Manufacturing & Assembly of Components & Parts

Chile provides many opportunities for foreign companies hoping to establish manufacturing and assembly plants within the country.

Friday, June 03, 2011  

Chile has adhered to a wide network of free trade and double taxation agreements that are dynamically allowing products sent from the country to pay tariffs that tend to 0% (except for those products that are exceptions).

Chilean exports have preferential access to a market of more than 55 countries that represent about 85% of the world's GDP and around 4,000 million inhabitants, which represents about 90% of our exports' destination. It is important to keep in mind that the tariffs that Chile pays advance to reach 0% due to dynamic trade agreements.

This generates opportunities for those foreign companies that manufacture or assemble products in Chile, complying with origin rules, to export or re-export their products with preferential access to the world market.

Origin rules are a group of rules that indicate the characteristics an item must comply with during its manufacturing process, in terms of supplies and intermediate goods involved, in order to define the nationality of the final product.

Benefits for foreign companies

- Access to external markets in more favorable conditions
- Access to more stable business environment
- Access to financing
- Access to raw materials
- Access to business networks and more efficient services
- Access to capital
- Access to new knowledge and technology
- Access to commercial channels
- Access to new demand for your products