Your guide to a good night out in Chile

With plenty of interesting bars, pubs and discos, there are plenty of ways to have an unforgettable night in Chile.

Monday, June 06, 2011 Category: Bars
Bars, theaters, and live music venues are also concentrated around Plaza Ñuñoa. Bars, theaters, and live music venues are also concentrated around Plaza Ñuñoa.

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When it comes to nightlife, here in Santiago as in the rest of South America, rhythm rules, and the best places for getting out on the dance floor are conveniently clustered around the city center.

Bellavista is the capital’s classic nightlife district, with a wide range of restaurants, bars and clubs, especially on the famous Calle Pío Nino, where late night beer halls serve up pitchers of inexpensive brew for crowds of students and young people at plastic tables that spill out onto the sidewalk for blocks. Just another block over on Constitución, street performers entertain crowds all night near some of the city’s favorite restaurants, performance spaces and watering halls


Avenida Suecia, off the Los Leones metro stop in Providencia, is another popular destination, while bars, theaters, and live music venues are also concentrated around Plaza Ñuñoa, in the residential district of the same name. If you're looking for a more upmarket night on the town, there are a number of exclusives venues in the Vitacura district.


But not all the action is in Santiago. The port city of Valparaíso is also well known for its nightlife. Chile’s vibrant seaport and cultural capital is brimming with cafés, restaurants, bars and dance clubs. The hundreds of bars and pubs scattered amongst the city’s romantic hills are frequented by the city's student population, while some of city’s older drinking spots, like the classic Cinzano, are still frequented by the more venerable citizens of the Pearl of the Pacific.


Thanks to its large student population, the university town of Concepción also has plenty to offer after the sun sets.  In the southern city’s university neighborhood, live music and low prices are the main attractions. Locals and tourists alike also flock to the Estación area for evening revelry.


Up in the north, there are also plenty of places where you can have fun. Fun-loving coastal cities like Arica and Iquique are crowded with a wealth of bars and restaurants. About eight hours north of Santiago, visitors can choose between large, upmarket bars along the coast at La Serena, or from the humble bars and dance clubs scattered along the romantic street’s of twin city Coquimbo’s Barrio Inglés.