Chilean capital

Santiago, Chile is one of the most-liked capital cities on Facebook

I like it: the Andean capital beats out much bigger cities like Mexico City, Islamabad, and Tokyo in Facebook popularity.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011  
The people have spoken: Santiago is a great city. (Photo: Gord McKenna/Flickr) The people have spoken: Santiago is a great city. (Photo: Gord McKenna/Flickr)

The press has published it, foreign businesses have bet on it, and now the people have spoken: Santiago is a great city. In a vote on the world’s most popular capital cities, Santiago came in at number nine, rubbing elbows with other top-10 cities like Buenos Aires, Madrid and Paris.

According to the latest from the Social Media Power Index, the top ten capitals on Facebook are: #1 Paris, France (760,000); #2 Madrid, Spain (444,000); #3 Rome, Italy (301,000); #4 London, England (281,000); #5 Budapest, Hungary (250,000); #6 Bogota, Colombia (239,000); #7 Cairo, Egypt (220,000); #8 Buenos Aires, Argentina (219,000); #9 Santiago, Chile (169,000); #10 Islamabad, Pakistan (153,000).

The only other regional capitals to break 100,000 fans were Mexico City, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic and Lima, Peru.

Chile’s Facebook popularity reflects the growing plugged-in, linked-in, hooked-up networking culture in the country that was recently nominated the Silicon Valley of South America.

A recent global business survey by Regus reported that Chilean businesses are ahead of the curve when it comes to technology: nearly half of local businesses use social media to attract clients, and 54 percent use social media to stay in touch with their existing clients, as compared to 52 percent worldwide.

Likewise, when it was time for Chile to take part in the international art phenomenon Wallpeople, the event exceeded the expectations of the project’s designers in Spain. “Right now, there are 1,100 people signed up on Facebook,” organizer Sebastián Pérez Canto told This is Chile before the event. “When I talked with the organizers in Spain, they said that the Chile team and our social media campaign has been the most organized they’ve seen.”