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Financial guru launches sustainable community in Chile

The mysterious Simon Black, an untraditional, online financial advisor, chooses Chile for site of his Sovereign Valley, a self-sufficient community.

Thursday, February 07, 2013  
Simon Black chooses Chile for his resilient community ‘Sovereign Valley.’ Photo by PRECOM Comunicaci Simon Black chooses Chile for his resilient community ‘Sovereign Valley.’ Photo by PRECOM Comunicaciones/flickr

Known for his blog Sovereign Man, world traveler and investor Simon Black (a pseudonym) claims to have grown tremendously wealthy due to creative foreign investments. Black dishes out advice on how to thrive in times of economic downturn through non-traditional foreign investments to nearly 16,000 Facebook followers, and according to his website, over 117,000 subscribers to his daily newsletter.

“You can make money anywhere, whether it’s China, Panama, New Zealand, or online,” Black said on his blog. “You don’t have to be a slave to geography anymore; live where you want, how you want.”

Black’s latest project brings him to Chile where he is founding a “resilient community” called Sovereign Valley. Located 20 kms outside of Talca in south-central Chile, Black has invested in over 1000 acres of land to be parceled out into individual plots.

He described Sovereign Valley as, “a Resilient Community for like-minded people to deal with a world of uncertainty from a position of strength.”

The community is on its way to being completely self-sufficient with an organic food supply, diverse renewable energy sources including solar, hydro and wind, and ample water sources.

Despite having traveled the world over, Black chose Chile for the site of his Resilient Community based on a combination of factors that he described online.

After considering other possible options, Black declared that “Chile does stand head and shoulders above the rest.”

“Debt and unemployment levels are low,” Black wrote. “The country has maintained consistent growth due to its resource wealth and export-oriented economy."

Moreover, Black sited Chile’s limited government, accommodating immigration policy, privatized highway system, and high-caliber medical care among the reasons that he considered in choosing a location for his community.

“Chile is a very independent, freedom-oriented country” with “a thriving middle class,” Black added.

Definitive plans for Sovereign Valley are only available to subscribers of his newsletter which you can do for free on his blog or through the community’s website here