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Chile is ranked among the 13 best emerging countries in which to be a mother

Norway heads the world list.

jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010  
Chile se ubica entre los 13 mejores países emergentes para ser madre La ONG además midió la esperanza de vida de las mujeres, donde Chile queda en excelente pie con 82 años de promedio para las chilenas

The NGO Save The Children published a study entitled “State of the World’s Mothers 2010”, a ranking that establishes the best countries in which to be a mother and where Chile appears in 13th place among the developing countries. Taking industrialized countries into account, it drops to 56th place.

The report, which considered 166 countries, is led by Norway, followed by Australia. In Latin America, the list is headed by Cuba, Argentina and Costa Rica, and farther down Colombia is ranked in a tie with Chile.

The study places emphasis on the quality of life of children, and on this item Chile ranks fourth among the developing countries and 47th in the general table. Norway also leads in this aspect.

The NGO also measured life expectancy of women, where Chile is on an excellent footing, with an average of 82 years for Chilean women, only one year less than their Norwegian counterparts.

In terms of education, average schooling for girls born in the South American country is 14 years, quite far below the Norwegian average of 18 years. Norway is very well evaluated in all the variables reviewed.


Another interesting datum provided by the research is the participation of women in politics, where Chile only has 14% of women occupying government positions, against 40% in Norway.

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