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Chilean wine shines at sommelier wine tasting session in New York

A tasting session in the fine style of the "Judgment of Paris" brought together 100 experts, who ranked the Chilean red wine ahead of other wines from Bordeaux and California.

miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010  
Vino chileno se luce en cata de sommeliers en Nueva York La degustación se hizo al estilo del "Jugement de Paris"

Chilean wine continues to fascinate people all around the world with its flavor, aroma and quality. New evidence of this fact is the sommelier and premium wine critic tasting session held recently in New York, where the 100 participants at the session ranked the Chilean red wine Errázuriz KAI in first place, placing ahead of two varieties from California and two wines from Bordeaux. 


Second place was awarded to the Opus One wine from the Napa Valley, California and third place was awarded to Chateau Haut-Brion from Bordeaux. These are premium wines, known for their superior quality and high prices, which exceed US$ 100 and range even as high as US$ 1,000.


The wine tasting session was carried out along the same lines as the historic "Judgment of Paris", a blind tasting held in the capital of France back in 1976, busting the myth that French wines are always superior to “new world” wines. Before New York, this competition was held in Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing, Amsterdam and London. 

Errázuriz Kai mainly features the Carménère variety and is priced at US$ 80 per bottle in the United States. In addition, the Chilean wine Viñedo Chadwick placed ninth on this list and is currently priced at US$ 180. 


It should be noted that Chilean wine exports increased in terms of both value and sales volume over the first quarter of this year, up by a respective 31.7% and 14.6% compared to 2009.