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The best jazz in Bellavista, the most traditional bohemian district of Santiago

Every night, Bellavista is filled with the sounds of the saxophones or trumpets of the best jazz musicians in Chile.

Friday, July 23, 2010  
The best jazz in Bellavista, the most traditional bohemian district of Santiago The district of Bellavista is one of the high points of bohemian night life and live music in Santiago.

The district of Bellavista  is one of the high points of bohemian night life and live music in Santiago. It not only offers a wide variety of styles of music, but it is also possible to enjoy a large array of culinary alternatives. For those who feel that eating and listening to music at the same time is a pleasure, this is an ideal panorama.

Wandering around Bellavista where, among other attractions, one of the museum-houses of Nobel Prize for Literature winner Pablo Neruda is located, it is possible to find excellent locales where jazz rhythms abound, as well as restaurants offering Chilean and international food, both exotic and delicious.

Among the large variety of pubs, restaurants and clubs that exist in this district, which lies between the Mapocho river and the Santiago Metropolitan Park and is within walking distance of the center of town, live jazz can be enjoyed in several different locales.

Le Fournil

A meeting-place for Santiago’s bohemia, Le Fournil is a restaurant that has all the trappings of a Parisian bistro. You can enjoy an exquisite meal followed by an entertaining jazz session.

In the basement of the restaurant is the Bellavista Jazz Club, looking out onto the Patio Bellavista, a welcoming space where music and gastronomy combine. This restaurant offers excellent French dishes, including a delicious vanilla crème brûlée.

The restaurant space has a sophisticated ambiance and sedate décor, but the lower level of the jazz club is much more informal and includes details such as molded ceilings and an old ceramic floor.

To attend the jazz club of this restaurant customers only have to pay for what they consume, which on average is five thousand Chilean pesos per head.

Address: Avenida Bellavista 052

El Perseguidor

This restaurant is considered to be a pioneer of jazz music in Santiago, because it was one of the first to establish itself in the capital. In fact, it owes its origin in large part to the wish of  many people to be able to listen to live music.

Among its best dishes, it offers exotic fare such as ostrich or boar meat. It also has a wide variety of drinks, including a number of top-quality wines.

Many new and renowned artists, both local and international, play every night at the El Perseguidor jazz club, which has a stage with the best lighting and sound for listening to great jazz performers every night.

Address: Antonia López de Bello 0126


Music lovers and sybarites come to this locale to enjoy great jazz and fusion performances. Thelonious offers a comfortable and warm ambiance, with low lighting and welcoming spaces decorated with pictures of different musical instruments. The club can accommodate close to 120 people inside.

It offers a large variety of wines, drinks and coffees, as well as different jazz alternatives, including styles with a middle-eastern touch as well as more far out varieties such as Nordic salsa.

Address: Bombero Núñez 336

Bar Musas y Canto

This is a small and informal locale offering live jazz. Its ambiance is rustic and simple, and it can cater to around 80 persons inside.

On late-night Fridays this bar changes its style and also offers ballads, blues, Peruvian waltzes and tangos, all live, although it is essentially and traditionally a jazz venue.

Address: Antonia López de Bello 82

El Mesón Nerudiano

This restaurant is one of the preferred places for tourists roaming through Bellavista.

El Mesón Nerudiano has a unique atmosphere that transports its visitors to the aura of the home of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. This is achieved because the entire décor is based on the style of the late poet’s houses.

The locale is set up in a large old house built in 1910. Its details evoke “La Chascona”, Neruda’s house in Bellavista. Even the gastronomy of this restaurant is inspired by the poet’s favorite dishes.

The house has three stories: the basement is devoted to live music, with a rustic and artistic ambiance. There is also a space forpoetry, singing and even theater, in a welcoming and intimate nook.

Jazz at this locale comes alive in all its splendor on Tuesday and Friday nights, and includes exclusive guests and surprising interpretations by the most renowned musicians of the current jazz scene.

Address: Domínica 35. Between Pío Nono and Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue