Commercial history

Chile's top inventions and trademarks go on display in Santiago

A new exhibition at the National Library will tell the story behind the patents, brand names and industrial designs that have changed Chilean history.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011  
The exhibition will be held at the National Library in Santiago. (Photo: josema/Flickr) The exhibition will be held at the National Library in Santiago. (Photo: josema/Flickr)

What was the first patent granted in Chile? What were the first commercial brands registered in the country?


These are just some of the questions to be answered by a different kind of historical exhibition that will explore the development of commercial innovation in Chile.


Organized by the National Institute of Industrial Property (Inapi), the free show, entitled Graphic History, will tell the story of the household brand names and industrial designs that have helped shaped Chilean culture over the past 200 years.


The exhibition is based on a book with the same name which Inapi launched last November to highlight the cultural significance of industrial property.


It will include information on the evolution of Chilean inventions and original documents using original documents and blueprints dating as far back as 170 years.


The director of Inapi, Maximiliano Santa Cruz, said the aim of the exhibition was to shed light on the innovation and creativity of Chile's commercial history.


“This exhibition represents a unique opportunity to see Chile's history from the perspective of our national creativity, our culture and our customs,” he said in a statement.


“It invites us to reflect on the role of industrial property and its innovative potential which is reflected in each person who has helped to forge the Chile of today.”


Alongside the exhibition, Inapi is also hosting a series of talks and a mini-film festival focusing on the signs and symbols that have played a prominent role in Chilean society.


The talk series will cover topics such as the development of new plant varieties (12pm, June 29) and the interaction between intellectual property and free competition (12pm, July 6).


Included in the film festival will be French movie, Coco Chanel (7pm, June 21), and The Modern Miracle (7pm, June 28), a historical feature on Scotsman Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone.


All events will be held at Chile's National Library in downtown Santiago. The industrial property exhibition will run from June 17 to July 29.