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Seven Santiago plazas will undergo major upgrades

The project will bring new trees, play equipment and outdoor furniture to historic neighbourhoods in the heart of Chile's capital city.

Friday, June 17, 2011  

Central squares in some of downtown Santiago's most historic neighborhoods will undergo major upgrades before the end of the year.


The municipality of Santiago will spend over US$500,000 (CP$250 million) on the remodeling project, which will bring improvements to seven communities including Parque O'Higgins, República, Ñuble, Yungay, Viel and the civic center.


The project will focus on improving lighting, regenerating garden beds and trees, and replacing old benches, play equipment and outdoor furniture.


Around seven hectares of green space will undergo changes with the installation of improved irrigation and an increase in the number of native trees like peumos and quillayes.


Five of the plazas will be fitted with exercise equipment for the first time and two of the upgrades will include the creation of sports fields.


Restoration work has already begun at the Stadium and Jorge Montt plazas and it is expected that the new and improved squares will be unveiled by the end of July. The other five plazas will be remodeled by November.


The mayor of Santiago, Pablo Zalaquett, said the seven plazas involved in the project were integral spaces for the city's residents.


“[They will have] a quiet, neighborhood feel and absolute safety, thanks to the generation of better lit and more spacious areas,” he told La Tercera.


This latest round of upgrades comes on the heals of several remodeling projects in the city's public spaces carried out last year.


All the projects are part of a major plan to renew Santiago's green spaces, including major city parks like Parque Forestal, Parque O'Higgins and Quinta Normal.