Networking in Chile

“Wine After Office” brings investors and artists together in Santiago

Grab a glass and meet a new business partner in the Chilean capital’s new Wine Investment Circle, hosted by Andes Wine.

Monday, July 11, 2011  
Andes Chile is also looking to open an office one of the northern hemisphere's main wine regions, Ca Andes Chile is also looking to open an office one of the northern hemisphere's main wine regions, California.

On Thursday, July 7, Andes Wine launched its first “Wine After Office” event. The initiative is part of a greater strategy to build a community of Chilean investors centered around tourism, gastronomy, cinema, and - of course - wine. 

“We had a lot of people, about 78, which is more than we expected,” General Manager Maximiliano Morales told This Is Chile in fluent English. “They were mostly investors, wineries, real estate businesses, and investment firms. We were very happy with the results.”

According to the Andes Wine website, “the Wine Investment Circle and the Pan American Real Estate Group have already generated a great opportunity to invest in the area of Chilean cinema...” Chilean film and art is quickly joining wine to become one of the country’s most popular exports abroad.

The event was held at the terrace and bar of Hotel Atton El Bosque, one of the new modern luxury hotels popping up in Santiago’s Las Condes neighborhood. Entrance tickets cost CP$7,000 (about US$15), and included tastes of wines from various Chilean vineyards, including big names like Miguel Torres and smaller boutique vineyards like Nerkihue.

Morales said that Andes Chile hopes to repeat the event every 45 days. “We are focused on making Chile a networking platform for investors,” Morales said.

At the same time, Andes Chile is looking abroad, with plans to open an office in August in San Francisco, California: gateway to another of the world’s largest wine producing regions. Morales said Andes Chile is hoping to “penetrate the U.S. market,” working together with Pan American Real Estate Group and about US$20 million to buy vineyards in different wine valleys.