Major signing

The talks are over: Alexis Sánchez signs with Barcelona

Massive deal makes Alexis the most valuable Chilean football player ever.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011  
Alexis Sánchez, Chile’s “Boy Wonder”, is now the most valuable Chilean football ever. Alexis Sánchez, Chile’s “Boy Wonder”, is now the most valuable Chilean football ever.

After months of speculation, Chilean football’s “Boy WonderAlexis Sánchez has signed with Barcelona Football Club. Sánchez signed an agreement with the current Spanish and European club champions late last week, putting an end to the speculation that has been following him since he began talks with the club in May.

Barcelona paid a global transfer fee of US$54 million to secure the famous forward, setting a new record for a Chilean footballer. With a starting salary of US$5.8 million, Sánchez will also be the highest paid Chilean football player, blitzing the US$5 million record set by David Pizarro while playing in Italy.

The deal was closed in a meeting attended by Sánchez's manager along with officials from Barcelona and the star footballer's former club, Italy's Udinese. The parties were locked in discussions for close to three hours before finalizing the agreement, which was then announced in a simple statement on Barcelona FC's website.

The Chilean attacker made it clear that it was his dream to play with Barcelona, even though Manchester United had offered to pay him more.

“I am coming to learn from the best players in the world,” he told El Mercurio in his first press conference after signing with the European powerhouse.

“We are here to learn from [Argentinean superstar] Leo (Messi), from [Spanish national] Xavi...from all of the most important players and learn from what they know.

“I don't like comparing myself with anybody. I'm Alexis, the player for Barcelona, the Chilean.”

Arriving in Barcelona for the meeting, Sánchez was met by over 200 Chilean football fans who welcomed him with chants and singing.

After the meeting with club officials, the 'Boy Wonder' had a medical examination with club doctors.

“I don't feel the pressure of being here – it's part of the reason I came,” he told Radio Universidad de Chile.

“When a player experiences difficulty in life and then overcomes it, it makes him stronger. I like difficult things because they make me grow.

“Moments of motivation are what make a football player and my motivation is to win titles with Barcelona.”