Especial de de astronomia en Chile
What Chile has to offer

Advanced connectivity

Chile’s apparent isolation is not an impediment to interacting with the world, thanks to its infrastructure and access to telecommunications.

The country’s varied and extensive geography, in addition to its virtual isolation from other nations, with natural barriers at the four cardinal points, have motivated the development of an appropriate infrastructure to connect to the rest of the world.

Chilean authorities therefore provide ongoing oversight of its frontier passes, the maintenance of its 80,000 kilometers of road networks and the creation of 155 kilometers of urban expressways in Santiago –the only such system in the world that has integrated a unique “free flow” toll system –, as well as continuing reinforcement of air and ocean terminals.

In addition, Chile has in place a modern telecommunications network that combines high-speed internet, mobile telephony –with a penetration of 100.15 units per 100 inhabitants– and digital television. This enabled Chile to win third place in Nokia’s 2009 Connectivity Scoreboard  ranking, among economies based on resources and efficiency.

  • Clear skies

  • Advanced connectivity

  • Institutional support

  • Astronomical pole