100 new businesses chosen for Start-Up Chile’s 7th generation

Over 1,570 applications were received for the world-renowned program that provides seed money to early stage entrepreneurs to start their companies in Chile.

After analyzing more than 1,570 applications from around the globe, Start-Up Chile has announced the 100 new businesses selected for the innovative program’s 7th generation.

The selected start-ups hail from 28 different countries, including Ukraine, Tanzania, Estonia and Romania. Of the 100 chosen companies, 19 are from the United States, 18 are from Chile, 10 are from India, and 7 are from Argentina.

This Start-Up Chile generation also represents a wide variety of business industries. Of the 100 companies, 20 are considered IT and enterprise software companies, 15 are E-commerce companies, 10 are mobile and wireless companies, and 10 are education-focused companies. The remaining start-ups are from social media, healthcare and biotechnology, energy and clean tech, social enterprise, and tourism industries, among others.

Each new business selected for Start-Up Chile’s 7th round will receive US$ 40,000 of equity-free seed capital, a temporary 1-year visa to develop their projects for six months in Chile, and access to the country’s most potent social and capital networks, as well as other support. The innovative program is just one of the reasons Santiago ranks 20th the world’s best start-up ecosystems.

Check out this sample of the many great companies that will soon be launching their businesses in Chile:

is a social media platform and mobile app that makes sports management simple, offering player availability organization tools, group messaging, statistics tracking, and more.

is the first immigration platform that lets users identify countries where they are allowed to live and work, and helps pair professionals with places experiencing skill shortages.

Agent Panda
puts an end to the chaos of group trip planning with a platform that shares accommodation and activity ideas and enables easy group decision making.

is an online tool that allows people to determine the smartest way to repay their loans, identifying the best ways to make extra payments on credit cards, student loans, mortgages, and auto loans in order to save the most money possible in the long run.