5 places to practice rock climbing in Chile

Chile, in all its length, offers places that perfectly find the balance between the love for sports, adrenaline and nature.

Samuel Bravo Silva | Flickr
Samuel Bravo Silva | Flickr

Chile’s geography is vast, diverse but also extreme, offering in all its length landscapes that not only invite to take a break from the routine and escape from the city, but that also are the perfect scenarios to experience and enjoy extreme sports. In honor of the World Travel Awards, where Chile was recognized as the best destination for adventure tourism; here we introduce you to five chilean destinations that are ideal to practice rock climbing.

Considered as one of the most important rock climbing places in the north of the country, Socaire is placed 80 km south of San Pedro de Atacama. The area is made for sports and nature enthusiasts, as the andean ravines are also home for  diverse flora and fauna, surrounded by impressive desert landscapes.

Las Chilcas
With easy access and the possibility of going in any moment of the year, Las Chilcas is placed 80 km from Santiago almost in the limit with the fifth region, and it is one of the favorite destinations for the climbing lovers. It does not matter whether you are just learning or you are a trained climber, Las Chilcas has more than 100 different routes completely equipped.

It is known for its location at Manzano in Cajón del Maipo, and for being named the cradle of competitive rock climbing in Chile. Its impressive sandstone walls have attracted national and international athletes for decades, and due to its closeness to the city and its diverse rock structure, Torrecillas has turned into a real school for rock climbers.

Valle de los Cóndores
Baptized as the new paradise for rock climbing, Valle de los Cóndores is located in the Maule region, 150 km east of Talca. It has remained a secret for everyone that is not part of the world of climbing, but it is also the perfect place for any camper looking for a relaxing moment. Its natural pools and its views decorated with flying condors are an invitation to disconnect from the routine.

Filled with exuberant forests and vegetation, the valley of Cochamó is protected by impressive granite mountains that are also a challenge for climbers of Chile and the rest of the world. In order to get to the valley, the trip starts in the town of Cochamó, in Los Lagos region. The place counts with at least 100 routes, with different levels of difficulty.