7 extreme activities you can do in Chile

Chile is a country full of contrasts and surprises. We invite you to learn more about the different extreme activities you can do in our country.


Chile is a country full of contrasts and surprises. Located by the Pacific Ocean, in between the Atacama desert and the polar zones of Antarctica and surrounded by the Andes, one can find a vast and varied geography of valleys and plains of unique conditions. These conditions allow those who visit the country to enjoy unique experiences, discover endless archaeological relics, pre hispanic towns, old cultures and endemic vegetation.

Come and discover endless destinations, activities and legends, because you can get an adrenaline rush not only from running at full speed, but also from engaging in new experiences.

Kings of adventure sports

According to the 2016 World Travel Awards -also known as the Oscars of tourism-, Chile is the best destination in the world to practice adventure sports. Releasing some adrenaline on this side of the planet can reach unsuspected levels: it’s only a matter of visiting the driest desert in the world, the Atacama desert, and practicing sandboard on its sand waves; doing rafting in or kayaking down the rivers of the south; doing trekking in our national parks of exuberant vegetation; or if you’re fan of snow sports, practicing ski and snowboarding on the winter recreation centers.

The oldest cemetery in the world

Even though the mummies from Egypt are the most well known, in the city of Arica, in the Atacama desert, we have the oldest mummies in the world. They date back to 9,000 years ago, 2.000 years before Egypt developed mummification techniques.

Different to the mummification practices of Egypt or the Inca empire, which are characterized by the mummification of only notable people (kings, mostly), the Chinchorro mummies correspond to people of all social backgrounds and all ages.


The Atacama desert, free from light pollution and removed from highways and highly populated areas, has low humidity levels and the highest concentration of astronomical observatories in the world. Located 3,500 meters above sea level, it is the perfect place to contemplate the universe and to practice photography tourism, admiring the moon and its infinite craters.

Skiing in the summer

During boreal summer, from June to August, when the snow has receded in the northern hemisphere; in South America, the Andes mountain range is covered in white, marking the beginning of ski season in the winter recreation centers across the country, from Portillo to Punta Arenas. All of this in the middle of the beautiful Andes mountain range, next to rivers, volcanoes and thermal centers.

The most wanted trip

A survey carried out by El País’ travel blog showed that Patagonia and its unique landscapes is the most voted place when it comes to destinations that people would want to go back to or that they would recommend to a friend.

After the trace of the explorers

Cape Horn is one of the greatest discoveries that marked the history of navigation for hundreds of years. Great explorers and European traders arrived here before the opening of the Panama Canal in 1616. Nowadays, Cape Horn has become a destination for the most intrepid travelers that are after the footsteps of these old explorers and their treasures in the middle of the most beautiful and astonishing landscapes in the word, where whales and other species usually make company to travelers.

The southernmost city in the world

Puerto Williams, capital of the Province of Chilean Antarctica, is the southernmost town in the world. It’s the perfect place for the adventurers who seek different landscapes, of a great ecological, historical and anthropological value; this due to its abundant and diverse flora and fauna.

Source: www.chilequetequiero.cl