7 wonders near Valdivia

Los Ríos Region is a land with many beautiful places that make us fall in love with the south of Chile.

Roderik Henderson | Banco de Imagenes Fundación Imagen de Chile
Roderik Henderson | Banco de Imagenes Fundación Imagen de Chile

A unique contact that allows to enjoy an exuberant nature is the main attraction that the city of Valdivia has to offer, and that today has been transformed is an unmissable tourist landmark, which has enhanced its value -and that of its surroundings- with incredible destinations worth visiting.

Native forests, guided paths and whale watching, are only some of the activities that the area has to offer, and here we give you 7 of the most incredible places that you have to visit:

Teja Norte Farm

A place of open spaces and native forest equipped with paths that can be walked or travelled by horseback. Despite of being close to the city, it houses a surprising sample of the Valdivian temperate rain forest with large trees, climbers, ferns and herbaceous, along with bird communities typical of ancient forests.

Altos de Cutipay Park

This private conservation initiative is located 4 km from Niebla. It stands out for itd concentration of birds that nest during summer. The property holds an interesting educational forest, which integrates a guided trail network and a complete range of equipment for open air environmental education.

Senderos del Bosque

A few kilometers away from Valdivia, these 31 hectares house a biological treasure within a place full of symbolism. It can be accessed through public transport from Valdivia, that makes a stop 3 km away from the area, where accommodation and food services are available.


On the western bank of the Cruces River you can enjoy nature and the presence of cormorants, black-necked swans, or listen to the chucao.

Carlos Anwandter Nature Sanctuary

This place originated after the 1960 earthquake, when extensive riverine areas of the Cruces River sank, allowing 6 thousand hectares of wetland to rise. This area stood out as the main reproduction area of ​​the black-necked swan worldwide. It can be reached by land and river.

Punta Curiñanco Reserve

It can be accessed by public transport or private vehicle through the coastal route. On “La Murta” and “Chungungo” trails it is possible to observe both terrestrial and marine fauna. On the other hand, the “Olivillo Costero” trail connects with a fragment of the cathedral forest, impressive for its size, which is reached through an altered sector currently in the process of being recovered.

Pilunkura Reserve

With the aim of environmental education in mind, different hiking trails are offered with specialized guides. Here you can find a great diversity of fauna, ranging from the Darwin frog, the black woodpecker and the chucao, to dolphins and whales, which often arrive during summer and autumn.

Source: www.chileestuyo.cl