7th European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean Summit to be held in Chile in 2012

Chilean president Sebastián Piñera traveled to Madrid to participate at this summit, where it was announced that Chile will host the next forum.

7th European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean Summit

Within the framework of the 6th European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-LAC) Summit Meeting and in order to strengthen ties between both continents,  European Commission President José Manuel Durao Barroso stated that he was pleased to announce that Chile will host the 7th EU-LAC Summit.

free trade agreement  is expected to be signed between the EU and Central America, Colombia and Peru at the summit meeting held in Madrid. In addition, negotiations with Mercosur are expected to be resumed.

The announcement was made after a meeting held between Chilean president Sebastián Piñera and Durao Barroso, where Barroso stated he was “very pleased” with the announcement that Chile will be the next country to host this event.

The summit held in Madrid aims to kick off EU-LAC celebrations held every two years.

Chile’s president highlighted that the importance of this summit meeting is to collaborate in terms of renewable energies in order to ensure that the country achieves more sustainable economic development.

The first EU-LAC summit was held in Brazil, the second in Spain, followed by Mexico, Austria, Peru and lastly by Madrid.

The European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean Summit Meeting (EU-LAC) started in June 1999 in Rio de Janeiro, and was designed to develop and promote strategic association based on the United Nations Charter. The meeting aims to establish a spirit of alliance, equality and cooperation between the associated economies.

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