95% of Chilean professionals work in what they studied

International survey of university graduates from Europe and Latin America.


Around 95% of Chilean professionals who graduated between 2002 and 2003 currently work in a sector related to the skills implied in their university degree.

This is what was revealed in the study by Proflex (Profesionales Flexibles – Flexible Professionals), organized by the Alfa Project, a collaborative initiative between universities from the European Union and Latin America, which was published in the Santiago newspaper La Tercera.

The poll considered 8,000 Latin American students, of which 3,000 were Chileans, the majority from the area of engineering, though specialists in the social sciences, education, business and health were also analyzed.

“The results affirm that Chilean graduates have a greater chance of finding a job related to their professional skills than their European counterparts,” the newspaper stated.

Chileans’ good level

“As an example, it noted that if in Chile only 5% of graduates do not work in what they studied, in Spain and the rest of Europe the number is three times higher. In Mexico it is 13% and the Latin American average is 8%. Only Uruguayans fare better: 2.5% do not get jobs in line with their professions,” it adds.

Among the causes of this result, it mentions the “high pertinence” of the subjects studied with regard to the labor market; the “good level” of Chileans in a Latin American context” [ve comillas: sobra o falta una] and the “early connection” with work through professional internships.

According to the publication , “Chilean professionals are among the best paid in Latin America, though still far from their European counterparts” and it thus concluded that “the combination of these factors makes local graduates the most satisfied with their work” in the world.