A huge incandescent cosmic bubble is observed from Chile

Scientists observed the greatest flow of gas expelled from a black hole ever seen in the history of astronomy.


The powerful Very Large Telescope (VLT) , located at the Paranal Observatory in the north of Chile, surprised the world once again with an interesting discovery. This time, the largest telescope on Earth captured a strange space phenomenon: an enormous gas bubble expelled by a stellar black hole.

With the help of the ChandraX-ray telescope belonging to NASA,astronomy experts stated that this was the greatest flow expelled by a black hole that has been seen up to now. The specialists also calculated that the bubble is expanding at a rate of almost one million kilometers per hour.

The image captured by the VLT shows a black hole that is blowing a large bubble of hot gas extending over one thousand light years. Prior to this research, the scientists believed that the energy emitted was X-ray, but they have now confirmed that what is mainly released is gas.

The astronomers  were impressed by the huge amount of energy expelled, considering that this is a small-sized black hole. Another aspect that surprised the experts is the vast length of the “jets” of gas emitted by the black hole.