Active social and cultural life

There is no longer any distance. Renowned international performing artists come to Chile and local creativity is spirited and active.


A wide variety of nightlife attractions, a well-stocked list of shows and different typical festivities are daily attractions in Chile. Local festivities include La Tirana, with its diabladas and masks; typical dances such as Tapatí celebrating the magic of Polynesian Easter Island, September 18th, Chile’s independence day with several days of dancing, red wine and empanadas (meat pies).

Chile is home to world-renowned poets. Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda are Nobel Prize for Literature laureates. In addition, the world has enjoyed films by Raúl Ruiz, surrealistic work by the painter Roberto Matta, and works by the psychomagician, filmmaker and writer Alejandro Jodorowsky, as well as other creators of unique literary works, including Isabel Allende and Roberto Bolaño.

International performing artists such as Madonna, Radiohead, U2, Ornette Coleman, Sonic Youth, Morrissey, Paquito D’Rivera, Nine Inch Nails, Iron Maiden, Pearl Jam, John Scofield, Norah Jones, Deftones and several others have put on concerts in Chile.

Chile’s musical alternatives are extensive and complete; the Municipal Theater puts on major musical concerts, ballet and opera productions. Jazz is created and improvised every night at a wide variety of clubs, modern dance and popular music also have their own spaces.

There has been a real boom of concerts and shows over recent months. International shows like Cirque du Soleil and sporting events like the Dakar Rally, world surfing competitions and the FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup.