Actor Diego Luna discusses youth at opening of Chile’s premier film festival

The sixth Santiago International Film Festival launched Tuesday with Mexican film-star Diego Luna discussing the event’s place in keeping the tradition of cinema alive.


At a press conference this morning, Mexican actor and upcoming director Diego Luna highlighted the important role that young and innovative film festivals such as SANFIC play on the world stage.

“We urgently need young film festivals like this and I was very pleased to have been invited to SANFIC … This kind of event, which involves the public, is vital to keep up with changes in the way people are thinking about cinema.”

With the availability of free movies online, he went on to say, the cinema has become something of a luxury. It is important to continue involving the public with similar events and encourage dialogue, debate and criticism.

At the launch of the 6th edition of Santiago’s international film festival, Luna, 30, discussed his recent transition from actor to director with a hall packed full of South American journalists.

“I’ve supported and worked on many films, but I feel like this is the first that is entirely my own … To have my own film screening and to know there are people are out there who would pay to want to watch it still feels weird … but we are all young at SANFIC and that’s why it feels right to go into this [together].”

Co-produced by John Malkovich, Luna’s film premiered at Sundance this year, and was selected to participate at Cannes last May. He will present it to the public at a downtown cinema in Santiago tonight.

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