All-night trance with a twist: Chilean museum’s slumber party

On Friday night the Museum of Contemporary Art holds a performance of acclaimed electronic artists, in a concert actually meant to put you to sleep.

The imposing, classically designed Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in Santiago is set to be invaded by a horde of electronic and ambient music fans on Friday night, but in place of glow-sticks and parachute paints, these committed music lovers will come bearing pillows and sleeping bags.

Bedding is a recommended item at this all night concert because, unlike many of the typical  venues that will be raging until the early hours of Saturday morning in Chile’s capital, this is a concert that not only intends to put its audience to sleep, but to subtly induce the various stages of slumber as well.

La Noche Blanca (“The White Night”) begins at 11pm with the Transacústico (“Transacoustic”) concert, that will feature improvisational and highly specialized performances from Chile and around the world. Included on the program is Coro Fonético, a vocal group that experiments with phonemes – the smallest segmental  unit  of sound used in language – which will move around the building to achieve different sonorous effects and interact with the audience.

The initial concert will come to an end around 2am, but guests shouldn’t expect to head home for an early night. At that point a program of electro-acoustic performers will begin playing music meant to accompany the distinct stages of sleep; light sleep, rest, subjective sleep, sensory block, deep sleep and waking.

The different phases, indicated by delicate changes in the music, are each intended to induce a different state of consciousness, including a section of “erotic works» around 5:00 a.m. At 8:30 on Saturday morning the the duo Aoraquï, will begin a set specifically tailored to wake-up the slumbering audience.

“This is a completely different type of concert,” Federico Schumacher, the concert director, told The Santiago Times. “There are no chairs, no stage, no focal point; it encourages the audience to completely immerse themselves in the music.”

The concert is the final event of the AI.MAAKO music festival, put on by the Electro-acoustic Community of Chile.

Entrance is free, but for those who can’t make it, the concert can be viewed live from this website. MAC is located in Parque Forestal, in downtown Santiago. See the museum’s website for a full list of performers (in Spanish).