Alliance boosts links between law schools at NYU and U. de Chile

The agreement will focus on teacher exchanges and shared research projects in emerging areas such as climate change.

As well as exporting copper and harboring some of the planet’s most stunning landscapes, Chile is also steadily developing a strong reputation in the realm of academic research.

Earlier this month, the Chilean government signed an agreement with the state of Masachusetts – home to some of the most prestigious universities in the United States – and the Universidad de Chile forged a collaborative partnership with leading Australian research group, the CSIRO.

And now the Universidad de Chile’s School of Law has announced a strategic alliance with the Law School at New York University (NYU).

Under the agreement, the law faculties at both universities will recognize each other as global partners, sharing in teacher exchanges and joint research projects in areas of common interest.

The alliance strengthens an existing relationship between the two universities, based on years of student exchanges, and is part of a broader push by the Chilean university to expand its international relations and broaden research opportunities.

U.S. ambassador to Chile, Alejandro Wolff, welcomed the partnership, describing it as a “win-win” for both institutions.

The new alliance was officially launched at a seminar on regulatory reform held by the Universidad de Chile in Santiago with presentations by academics from New York University and other U.S. institutions.

Among the speakers were the dean of NYU’s Law School, Richard Revesz and the director of the university’s Institute for Policy Integrity, Michael Livermore, along with John Wiener, a professor in the School of Law and School of Public Policy at Duke University.

Joining them were several Chilean academics and policy developers, including Gonzalo Moyano from Universidad de Chile’s School of Law, the director of the university’s Center on Regulation and Competition, Francisco Agüero, and Danielle Zaror from the Ministry of Economy.

The first formal collaboration between NYU and Universidad de Chile will focus on developing funding and governance models for schemes tackling climate change, as both institutions hope to develop Santiago as a regional hub for this emerging issue.