American band will rock out in Santiago to raise money for families of Chilean miners

As the world waits for the rescue of the 33 men trapped in a mine in the Atacama desert, Incubus says it will headline a show and donate its performance fee.


The rock band Incubus will put on a show next week in Santiago to raise funds for the families of 33 men trapped in a mine in the north of Chile.

The group from California, United States, with multi-platinum record sales to its name said it decided to hold the benefit concert after hearing of the plight of the men trapped underground since Aug. 5, and of their family members, some of which have put their lives on hold to reside permanently at the makeshift village at the site of the mine, known as “Camp Hope.”

“The band wanted to help in anyway they could,” Incubus said in a news release announcing the show. “So they decided to do what they do best – offer a special headlining performance in Santiago.”

The group is donating the performance fee for the show which takes place Friday Oct. 8 at the Cupula Theatre Cultural Centre in Santiago, and the money they raise through a meet-the-band auction being held via their Make Yourself Foundation.

The band’s contributions add to the donations that have been pouring in from Chileans who have rallied around the affected families, just as they did following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in February.

Government officials say that if all goes to plan the men – trapped 2,257 feet underground – will reach the surface in early November, via a 400 kg, 21 inch-wide capsule containing tanks of air, a microphone for communications, and equipment to monitor their heart rate. Many at the camp are hopeful they will be rescued sooner, in what is the deepest mine rescue in world history.

Incubus, in the process of recording a new studio album, will also perform at the Maquinaria Festival at the horse racing track Club Hipico in central Santiago, along with bands from Latin America and the US, such as Linkin Park, Queens of the Stone Age, Yo la Tengo and the Pixies.

The band, whose most well-known tracks include Drive, Wish you were here, Nice to Know You, last visited Chile in October 2007.