Annual guide lists top 100 restaurants in Chile’s capital

Put together by local food critics, the new guide contains a wide range of restaurants, hotel bars and snack spots in Santiago.

Top 100 restaurants

If you’re a foodie in search of new places to eat out in Santiago, the solution is here. The Wine Lovers Club of Chile (La CAV) has just released the 2011-2012 edition of its annual Guía 100 outlining the top 100 restaurants in the country’s bustling capital city.

Compiled by respected food critics Esteban Cabezas, Carlos Reyes and Rodrigo Martínez, the guide has something for everybody from trendy hotel bars to the best cheap eats.

Here we share some of the highlights from the list selected by local daily La Tercera.


Donde Guido: It’s quite likely that you will be in for a wait when you come to this popular Peruvian sandwich joint but it’s worth it. One taste of the chicharrón sandwich (CLP2,990/US$5.85), with juicy sliced pork, fried sweet potato, lettuce and herbs on a crisp bread roll, will have you coming back for more.
Address: Merced 501 (on the corner of Mosqueto), Santiago Centro, near Metro Bellas Artes.

Fuente Mardoqueo: The Bavarian-style steak here is cooked using a secret family recipe that has earned Fuente Mardoqueo a special reputation. The towering steak sandwiches sell for CLP3,100 (US$6) plus a little bit more for extras like avocado, tomato and mayonnaise.
Address: Libertad 551, Barrio Brasil, near Metro Cumming.

Main meals

Boragó: It’s the meticulous attention to detail that sets this restaurant in upscale Vitacura apart. Its colorful dishes mix seasonal herbs and flowers with fresh local produce on a menu that’s constantly changing. The prevailing philosophy here is slow cooking, with meat marinated in molasses and left to roast for 40 hours in a water bath (CLP13,500 or US$26.40). The violet nougat ice cream (CLP3,800/US$7.40) won’t disappoint either.
Address: Jardines Nueva Costanera 3467, Vitacura

Rivoli: This Italian restaurant in the busy Providencia neighborhood is characterized by its dedication to authentic ingredients. Chef and owner, Massimo Funari, makes his own mozzarella cheese, pasta, olive oil and rustic table bread while he also grows the tomatoes and basil that star in Rivoli’s dishes. A perfect example of the restaurant’s commitment to good food is the simple but delicious starter Mozzarella Sfiziosa (CLP9,900/US$19.55), which brings together fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, misticanza lettuce and ham in a perfect combination.
Address: Nueva de Lyon 77, Providencia, near Metro Los Leones

Isla Margarita: Just a short walk from the upbeat nightlife district of Bellavista, this restaurant is a haven for Santiago’s seafood lovers with lobster maintaining a privileged position on the menu. Make yourself comfortable in the elegant dining area as you try either the whole lobster (CLP40,000/US$78.30), the lobster medallions (CLP35,000/US$68.50) or the lobster cream (CLP4,200/US$8.20).
Address: Dardignac 0175, Providencia, across the river from Metro Baquedano

The guide
With 184 pages and a print run of 16,000, the 2011-2012 edition of Guía 100 can be purchased online at La CAV’s website or at bookstores in Santiago.