Best places for a night out in Chile’s main cities – Part 1!

La Tercera has compiled a great guide to experiencing nightlife in the Andean nation, from Arica to Puerto Montt.

Every city in Chile has great destinations for a fun night out on the town. Whether you’re traveling in Arica in the north or Puerto Montt in the south, Chilean cities offer plenty of exciting bars, restaurants, and clubs.

La Tercera recently compiled a list of its favorite cities and places to party throughout the Andean nation. In this article, we’ll review the publication’s favorite bars and clubs outside of the capital, and tomorrow we’ll look at its top picks for having a good time in Santiago. ¡Salud!


Chilean travelers love to flock to this northern beach town, and its main streets are filled with clubs, bars, and restaurants that cater to a younger crowd.

One of Arica’s most famous nightclubs is DiscothequeSOHO, which stands out for its spacious dance floor, excellent atmosphere, and hi-tech screen projections.

Buenos Aires 209


Considered the “Miami of Chile” by some, Iquique is a beach town with plenty to do after midnight. The fun starts around Playa Brava on Avenida Arturo Prat. Several bars in this area offer live music, happy hours, and promotions.

North of Playa Brava, the Cavanch Peninsula offers several bars and restaurants that feature local dishes from the region.

Check out Pub Britanía for a medieval themed bar and restaurant set in an enormous castle.

Pub Britanía
1092 Arturo Prat Avenue


This city has pubs and clubs for every type of taste.

If you’re looking for a place to spend some quality time with friends, try Divinus, a sleek restobar characterized by its atmosphere and decor. This spot stands out for its good drinks and meat, fish, and pasta dishes.

Av Bernardo O’Higgins 1456

Coquimbo/La Serena

Without a doubt, the best place to have fun in this part of coastal Chile is Coquimbo. Around 10:00 p.m., this city’s streets fill with tourists ready to party from nearby La Serena, Ovalle, and La Herradura.

Barrio Inglés along the northeastern shore of the Coquimbo peninsula is the best neighborhood for a night out. Here you’ll find a high concentration of bars and restaurants, plus everything from loud nightclubs to pubs to live rock music.

Check out Bluemoon, a large and popular bar with three rooms, a terrace, and live music. Alternatively, the Avenida del Mar that runs along the ocean from Coquimbo to La Serena offers a variety of great restaurants.

Sierra 501, Barrio Ingles, Coquimbo


The streets of this bohemian port city fill with young people in the evenings. One of the best-known clubs in this town is El Huevo, a multi-room discotheque that offers a variety of music and drink promotions.

Other bars to check out in Valparaíso: Hamburgo, Cinzano, Carpe Diem and SaborColor

El Huevo
Blanco 1386


Concepción is a college town, so there are plenty of bars and nightclubs to be found in the city’s center. Bars in Concepción stand out for their low prices and good service.

Check out Altaglio Pizza Pub for a good meal and Bar Clandestino for live music. Nearby Plaza España also offers plenty of bars and restaurants.

Altaglio Pizza Pub
Calle Barros Arana 41

Bar Clandestino
Freire 61

Pucón and Villarrica

Experiencing Pucón’s nightlife is a must; at night, this city glows with the lights of its bars and dance clubs. Bars in Pucón are known for their friendly atmospheres, high quality, and travelers from both Chile and around the world.

Pucón’s most popular dance club is Fire, located just east of downtown. For a night out in Villarica, try The Travellers Restobar.

Camino La Balsa (no number)

The Travellers Restobar
Valentin Letelier 753


Similar to Concepción, Valdivia is a university town with plenty to do after dark. The city has hundreds of lively bars which are especially concentrated on Calle Esmeralda.

For a night out dancing, try 691 Dancer Bar. If you’re looking to chat with friends over a few drinks, check out Big Ben.

691 Dancer Bar
Esmeralda 691

Big Ben
Esmeralda 675

Puerto Montt

This beautiful city offers a variety of pubs and restaurants with different atmospheres and styles.

For dance clubs, check out Kaeme Club and Kamikaze.

Kaeme Club
Ruta 5 Sur Kilometro 1019

Calle Juan Soler Manfredini 1667

Tomorrow, we’ll look at La Tercera’s favorite places to party in Santiago.